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Mine Services

Our mining focused vision to the mine services design sets us apart. We design systems adapted to the particular needs and operational challenges of each individual mining project. We provide solutions in:


  • Ventilation network design.

  • Ventilation surveys.

  • Integration of ventilation in mine planning processes.

  • Complex thermodynamic simulations.

  • Smoke and contaminant dispersion studies.

  • Component sizing and selection.

  • Audit of ventilation systems.


  • Shaft system conceptual studies.

  • Crushing chamber design and equipment.

  • Workshops and chambers excavation engineering.

  • Conveyor belt sizing and selection.

  • Design of operations for Railveyor.


  • Comparison of backfilling systems: rockfill, cemented rockfill, pastefill.

  • Pastefill and cemented rockfill engineering.

  • Pastefill networks design.

  • Experience in mechanized rockfill.

Mine ancillary services

  • Compressed air supply network engineering.

  • Fresh water supply network engineering.

  • Mine dewatering and pumping systems engineering.

  • Mine electrical distribution network engineering.


C/ Ablanal 7

Edificio Centro Elena 2

Parque Tecnológico de Asturias

33428 Llanera (Asturias)


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