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Mine Valuation

From desktop studies to more in depth studies involving site visits, we develop financial models that allow to correctly estimate the value of mining assets. Our experience in multiple commodities, methods and jurisidictions gives us a strong foudation to support any type of mineral asset. We do not have vested interests in any mining company, this allows us to provide services that are independent and objective.

  • Asset valuation at all stages of project development.

  • Reports on mining finance projects, mergers, and acquisitions.

  • Project risk assessment.

  • Expert witnesses on legal processes.

  • Financial modelling for comparative assessments of economic performance

  • Calculation of project value

  • Mining operations audits.

  • Due diligence studies.

  • Benchmarking of operations

  • Independent technical reports.

  • Financial modelling.

  • Calculation of project value


C/ Ablanal 7

Edificio Centro Elena 2

Parque Tecnológico de Asturias

33428 Llanera (Asturias)


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