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Instead of employing the same tools in all projects, we select the best-fitting tool for the problem at hand; we do not let the software's capabilities become a constraint to the project's potential.

Mining and geotechnical software:

  • Deswik Suite: CAD, Sched, IS, SO, SOT, GO, LHS.

  • Datamine Studio 3 & Studio 5, Mine 2-4D/EPS.

  • GEOVIA Surpac, MineSched, Whittle.

  • Howden Ventsim.

  • Maptek Vulcan.

  • HxGN MinePlan (MineSight).

  • Micromine Suite.

  • Minemax Scheduler.

  • Midas GTS.

  • Rocscience Suite.

Other tools

  • Matlab: neural networks, Monte-Carlo simulation and genetic algorithms.

  • Libgen: conditional simulation.

  • Daxesoft Pipeflow.

Fleet Control

Commercial solutions are efficient and complete but can be too expensive for medium and small mining operations. We have developed our own fleet control tool that can be tailored to the specific needs of each client. This solution aims to fill the gap where large-scale commercial solutions cannot be applied.

Main features:

  • Low implementation cost.

  • Built on an Android platform.

  • Web-based interface, accesible from any platform or device.

  • Real-time fleet tracking.

  • Centralised database storage architecture.

  • Fully customisable data queries and reports.

Artificial Inteligence

IGAN Consultores aims to maintain a vanguard position in the use and development of tools for the mining industry, in the recent years we have been developing a tool capable of identifying rock types from digital pictures. Based on a neural network that can be trained to identify new rock types and varieties, we have applied this tool in the valuation of dimension stone quarries with excellent results.

​​Our objective is to complete the development of this tool, currently used in-house, for its commercial distribution.


C/ Ablanal 7

Edificio Centro Elena 2

Parque Tecnológico de Asturias

33428 Llanera (Asturias)


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