We aim to become the reference consultants and trusted mining advisers to our clients, accompanying them along all stages of their mining project, from early exploration to feasibility, from mine construction to production and closure. In doing so, we:

  • Commit to our work with integrity and independence.

  • Communicate clearly, openly and with honesty.

  • Follow the best technical and economical practices.

  • Maintain a vanguard position in the use of novel technologies.

  • Apply the best-fitting tools to each individual project, not the other way around.

  • Develop bespoke, innovative solutions to each mining problem.

Ultimately, we seek to transform our knowledge and experience into value to the client.



Our success as a business relies upon the excellence of our workers.

Although we have decades of combined experience and knowledge in different areas of the mining business, we are always looking for new talent and try to offer best in class employment conditions.


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